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Magazine Layout

As Layout Editor for Atlantis: A Creative Magazine, Second Story Journal and Explorations Undergraduate Research Journal, I designed many publications from front to back. Several links to the full magazine can be viewed by clicking on the image.

Additionally, at the North Carolina Coastal Federation, I have begun designing our 2019 Our Coast newsletter.

Communication Studies Week

As Creative Director for the first ever COM Studies Week, my team and I created various logos, flyers, posters and social media content to market the event. The theme was COM Together, which was supposed to represent a 60-70's vibe because it was our 70th anniversary. This is the content I created.


Posters and Fliers

Created for educational and professional use. 


Infographics and Templates

For educational or professional use. Some information has been removed for privacy reasons.


North Carolina Coastal Federation

During my time as a Communications Specialist at the North Carolina Coastal Federation, I managed their social media, wrote press releases and create various print and digital materials. 



Videos filmed and edited by me for professional and personal use. 


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